Heal Your Life After Cancer

How to Live Your Life Without Borders After Cancer


What does it mean to live your life without borders?

I pondered this question after attending Jesse Cook’s 'Beyond Borders' Concert in Kelowna on October 6.

'Beyond Borders' makes me think about pushing beyond limits. 

You know, those uncomfortable, cramped situations that make you feel like its impossible to breathe. 

Where it feels like nothing is possible. 

Like the only way is down.

And the only path is a fast road to despair.

I know many of us have been in situations like that. If you've been diagnosed with cancer then you know the feeling.

This might surprise you, but like it or not, they're really good for us.

(That's a difficult concept to conceive — especially if you’re facing chemo, surgery or radiation).

These uncomfortable experiences push you to grow beyond your own borders of what you think is comfortable.

They push you beyond the borders of your beliefs and compel you to look for new ways to overcome your challenges.

They push you...

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